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Can pavers be placed over an existing concrete or prepared surface?

Yes, Deck & Drive Pavers, Inc. will need to examine your existing surface to determine if there is proper elevation for drainage. If there is any existing damage or cracking, the surface may need to be removed.

What is the price for a paver installation?

Interlocking pavers and segmented retaining walls are priced per square foot. Each installation includes many variables, therefore the cost may be different for your installation compared to your neighbor's.

Do I need Homeowners Association approval?

A homeowner must request and receive approval from their neighborhood homeowners association before Deck & Drive Pavers, Inc. will begin an installation.

Do I need to turn off my sprinkler lines?

A homeowner is responsible for relocating or capping off all sprinkler lines within the paver or retaining wall area. You may need to contact your local landscaper or sprinkler installer for this work. Deck & Drive Pavers, Inc. is not responsible for damage to sprinkler lines or any other items below ground.

Do I have to seal my pavers?

Sealing pavers is recommended, but not always required to maintain the structural integrity of your installation. A non-skid additive sealer is recommended for marble and Travertine pavers due to the naturally slick surface of those stones. Deck & Drive Pavers, Inc. can discuss the various types of sealers available and the advantages of sealing pavers.

What kind of warranty do I receive for my pavers?

For all interlocking paver installation, if within one year of the completion of the work, the workmanship of the installation fails to conform to our installation quality specifications or there is a defect in the product, we will, at our election, repair or replace the products at our own expense.

(See full warranty)

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