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Paver Installation Boca Raton FL

Pavers can add an elegant touch to homes. Boca Raton, FL turns to Deck and Drive Pavers for any paver need. We install pavers, seal them, maintain them, and repair them. We’re a complete paver service company, familiar with local conditions and familiar to thousands of satisfied customers. With more than 16 years in the business, we’ve installed and maintained everything from garden paths to large hardscapes. We’re the paver contractor of choice for Boca Raton.

Professional Paver Installation in Boca Raton FL

Paver Installation Boca Raton FL

We install pavers. An installation project includes close consultation with our client. We do a site inspection, because no two sites are exactly alike. We come up with a plan, and make sure it is approved. We offer a lot of choices, everything from travertine to brick. Installation involves preparing a site, and then the skilled installation of interlocking pavers.

Once we install pavers, we seal them. Sealing protects the paver surfaces from wear and tear, and preserves their color. In Boca Raton’s hot and sunny climate, sealing typically lasts 12 to 18 months. Sealing also protects the polymeric sand material that holds pavers on place. Boca’s annual 57 inches of rain means pavers need protection from moisture. Deck and Drive’s paver sealing service does just that.

All that rain and sun will affects your pavers, as does traffic and water flow. Over time, even the best maintained paver installations suffer from wear and tear. The need for repair often is first noticed when a few pavers sag or chip. Prompt attention by Deck and Drive’s paver repair service will fix the problem, preventing it from worsening, and maintaining your investment.

Boca Raton Paver Installation

Deck and Drivers Pavers, Inc. offers free estimates. Our employees are skilled at installing, maintaining and repairing pavers. They’re fully licensed and insured. Give us a call. We’ll create and maintain the elegance that your Boca Raton residence deserves.