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Paver Installation Royal Palm Beach

Royal Palm Beach is a highly desirable community to live in. The mild climate allows residents to enjoy outdoor living most of the year. Features like decks, porches, patios and pools contribute to recreational enjoyment. An increasingly popular aspect of outdoor living is using pavers. Deck and Drive Pavers provides paver service in Royal Palm Beach.

Pavers are much more attractive than bland asphalt and concrete. They are durable, and easier on the feet than concrete. Pavers are laid in attractive interlocking designs, and their color provides elegant decorative touches. They add attractiveness and value to any residence. In Royal Palm Beach, you will see pavers used in driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. A related feature is retaining walls used for decorative landscaping.

Top Rated Royal Palm Beach Paver Installation

Deck and Drive does it all with pavers. We install pavers, we maintain and repair them. In some ways, pavers are easier to maintain that other surfaces. If an area of pavers shifts or settles, it is a simple matter to repair a section. An area paved with concrete that experienced shifting or settling will develop cracks and uneven surfaces, and have to be completely replaced.

We specialize in concrete, clay brick and marble pavers. We can install other kinds of pavers, as well. We consult closely with an owner to achieve exactly what has been visualized. We give a 1-year warranty with our work.

We Offer Paver Sealing in Royal Palm Beach FL

Deck and Drive seals pavers when they are installed. This creates a protective surface that preserves their color and protects the pavers from the rain. Sealing lasts from 12 to 18 months, depending on the kind of pavers used.

The company owner has been in the paver business for more than 16 years. Deck and Drive Pavers is a member of and certified by ICPI, the Interlocking Concrete Pavers Institute, the industry association that sets professional standards. Deck and Drive Pavers Inc. provides professional paver services in Royal Palm Beach

For paver repair in Royal Palm Beach, Deck & Drive is your answer.

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