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Paver Installation West Palm Beach

Pavers add an attractive and useful surface in West Palm Beach wherever they are used. Pavers are excellent for patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways, courtyards, entrances and other uses. Deck & Drive Pavers Inc. paver installation West Palm Beach.

We specialize in concrete, marble and clay brick pavers. We not only install pavers, we also maintain and repair them. We are experienced at pressure washing pavers and in sealing them. Pressure washing pavers must be done with care, so as not to damage the polymeric sand between the pavers. We recommend sealing your pavers every twelve to eighteen months.

Top Rated West Palm Beach Paver Installation

The installation process starts with our technician visiting your site and assessing it. Please note that if your project requires homeowner association approval or local permits, you must obtain them before we begin. Its also important to close off or remove irrigation pipes; contact your irrigation contractor for this. Costs are per square foot, but may vary with conditions, such as grade and condition of substrate.

Pavers are installed on a sand bed on a compacted aggregate base. The pavers of your choice will be delivered to the site and installation will begin. This process takes skill that only experience produces, and our installation teams are experienced and skilled.

We Offer Paver Sealing in West Palm Beach FL

Marble and travertine pavers are natural stone products. No two pavers are exactly alike. These pavers provide beauty and add value to a home. They are cool to the touch. They are low maintenance. We recommend sealing travertine and marble to prevent stains, and a non-skid sealer is a good idea on slick pavers.

We also specialize in clay brick. Our Old Chicago Brick is obtained from turn of the century buildings in Chicago and other cities. This is an extremely durable material and offers a distinctive look. Deck & Drive is the source for paver installation in West Palm Beach.
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