Certified Building Contractor: CBC #1255298


1-Year Warranty on Workmanship

Deck & Drive Pavers, Inc. uses our own professional installers in conformance with our installation quality specifications. We are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our workmanship that we provide the following guarantee, subject to the conditions below:

For all interlocking paver installation, if within one year of the completion of the work, the workmanship of the installation fails to conform to our installation quality specifications or there is a defect in the product, we will, at our election, repair or replace the products at our own expense.

For this Guarantee to be effective:

You must notify us of any failure as soon as you become aware of it. We will not be responsible for repairing additional damage due to defective conditions not timely corrected.

This Guarantee does not cover damage due to causes other than defects in the products or the installation.

If we must replace products, we cannot guarantee a color match.

If changes are made to the Deck & Drive Pavers, Inc. products or their installation by anyone other than Deck & Drive Pavers, Inc. this Guarantee will be void.

This Guarantee does not cover normal maintenance, such as cleaning, weed removal and turf grooming or changes in lighting caused by changes in landscaping or vegetation growth.

This Guarantee does not cover products manufactured by third parties.

This Guarantee will be void if you do not pay in full.